About Newtel

Thu, Dec 14, 2000; by Peter Chauncy.
The Newtel Project was established five years by the Community Involvement Unit of Aston Charities Trust. It was funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Since then the project has recieved funding from Bridge House Estates, the Baring Foundation and the Esmee Fairburn Trust.

Newtel was originally established to promote community networking in Newham. The original plan was very ambitious. Existing ICT capacity in the community and voluntary sector was low. The difficulties of going on-line both in terms of cost and technology were much higher.


At the moment we are down to Peter Chauncy, acting project Manager, and Gordon Donaldson Information Service Assistant.

Canning Town “by Kids for Kids”

This project based in Hallsville School was developed by CREDO a part of Aston Charities based in the Mayflower Centre, Canning Town. A group of children in the last year of primary school have been looking at Canning Town, its history, present and their plans for its future. In the spring term we have been working with them to share their ideas on the Internet. The web site that we have produced will be presented by the children on April 21st.
Durning Hall Cybercafe

Every Tuesday evening at the Durning Hall Centre.

Newham Millennium Website

We are represented on the steering committee, and hope to make this project a true reflection of the communities of Newham as we enter the 21st Century.


We are part of Aston Charites Trust, who have provided us with premises and support throughout the life of the project. Our initial funding was from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the Government Office for London. We received a further years funding from the Bridge House Estates Trust. At the moment we have are mainly dependent on Aston Charities our parent charity and we have some support from Barings Trust.
We receive support from the Computer service of “Newham Council”
“Computer Access” have generously supported us with advice and access to their training suite in Hackney. Check out the home organ recital on their website ; )

Groups we have assisted:

  • Black and Ethnic Minority Community Care Forum
  • East-Side Productions
  • East London Co-ops Group
  • Homeless Young People’s Project
  • Stratford Advice Arcade
  • Waterhouse Studios
  • Women Connect